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You will find a wide range of beeswax food wraps in our online store. What is a wrap and why has it been made with beeswax?
Great preservation qualities of beeswax have been known to mankind for several centuries B.C. Ancient Egyptians used beeswax for embalming their pharaohs, for the preservation of their papyrus rolls and for the protection of paintings. The colours of ancient murals and icons that have not fadedin more than 2,000 years contain beeswax. To date, beeswax has been registered as a natural preservative (E901). It is used for glazing candy, for coating fruit and cheese and also as a protection cover against mildew, humidity etc. Beeswax is allergen-free and if eaten in reasonable quantities, it does not harm our health in any way.
Due to its healing properties, mankind has used beeswax for thousands of years in many medicines and rejuvenating beauty products and ointments.
According to an Ancient Greek legend,an architect called Daedalus and his son Icarus made wings of bird feathers to escape from the Island of Grete, they fixed the wings to their body with beeswax. Icarus flew to close to the Sun and wax melted (beeswax wraps should not be washed in hot water). He fell in the Aegean Sea. Daedalus flew at a lower height and he managed to safely reach Athens, where he built a temple in honour of Apollo.
Fabric impregnated with beeswax (wraps) was not invented in the 21st century either. It is known that wraps were used for preserving food and as lids already in 1900s. Kyla beeswax food wraps have been made for the purpose of extending the storage life of food in an eco-friendly way. If you substitute plastic wrapping for beeswax wraps, you can preserve your food in an environmentally friendly way.

KylaVaha strongly believes that we need to invest time and money to the protection of our nature.

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